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Scalable feed management solution from smaller webshops to complex multi-channel eCommerce platforms

We maximize your customer reach, you can activate new sales channels easily and at the same time minimize the time and energy spent on this.
Our users achieve an average of 30% better results in their campaigns within 3 months.

1. Product data import

We import the product data from the wholesaler, manufacturer, or webshop, in the format required. It can be a file format (csv, excel), it can be via an API or from a feed. The webshop can be Unas, Shoprenter, Woocomerce, Magento, Shopify, but we also manage webshops based on individual or other frameworks.

2. Creating a master catalog

From the imported data, we create a Master catalog and database, which forms the basis for the production of the various feeds. This way, the situation when different suppliers provide product data in different structures, or when individual feeds require a different data structure, can also be handled in this way. In this model, the webshop also receives the data from here, the webshop is also one of the generated feeds.

A fundamental aspect is, for example, the storage of the brand and the manufacturer in separate fields, or the separate storage of the product's base name and the parameters forming the variation.

3. Generation of product feed

From the Master catalog, we generate feeds suitable for different platforms, such as Google Merchant Center, Facebook, Glami, Arukeresős, Árgép, etc. We can supply your own webshop from here, the webshop can also be considered a feed.

In this model, sales channels can be easily expanded even towards global e-commerce platforms, by creating appropriate feeds and connections (Ebay, Amazon, etc.).

4. Connecting feeds to channels

Depending on the different platforms, the generated feeds are connected to the corresponding channel via an API or as a feed. Updates (requesting product feeds) are basically determined by the corresponding platform/channel, if using API, the update frequency can be chosen by us. Attention, updating/synchronizing is a resource-demanding process!

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