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Open service from a proprietary solution

The G.M. Production Kft. was founded in 2006 as a Digital Marketing Agency with a strong web development background.

When we started managing Product Listing Ads for our clients, it quickly became clear that optimizing the product feeds is essential for success.

We also quickly realized that there is no readily available, simple-to-use tool suitable for small and medium-sized companies on the market.

That's why we developed such a tool for our own use: with which we can easily map fields, add categories and tags, all the necessary functions that help make campaigns profitable.

After a few months, it already seemed to work - why not offer it to others?

This is how yappp.com, the brand of Reklámművek/G.M.Production Kft., was created.

We are constantly developing and adding additional channels, so web store owners can easily expand their channels without having to perform complicated and unmanageable data manipulations.

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