Launch your own Sweepstakespromotion on Facebook in a few minutes!

Install the Facebook Sweepstakes Application on your Facebook page and start your promotion in a few minutes! Visitors can register if they like your page. You can define the data requested at registration. At the end, list of registrants can be downloaded and you can draw the winner(s).

Sharing is rewarded!

If a player shares the promotion on his/her Wall, and someone enters the promotion as a result of this share, the player receives bonus in the sweepstakes. This unique feature creates enormous viral effect and increase the reach of your promotion.>

  • The app is installed on your Facebook page and increase the number of your “Likes”.
  • “Sharing” of the promotion can be rewarded.
  • Full width (timeline) app design.
  • Comply with Facebook Rules.
  • You only have to pay if your campaign is published.
  • You only have to pay for what you use – for 15 days(77.34 USD+VAT) for 30 days (114.69 USD+VAT).
  • Timing can be setup easily.
  • All customer data acquired during the promotion is yours.

Sign-up, install the app and start your sweepstakes right away!


The installation is free of charge. Using the preview function you can see your customized version.

Video demo

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Field of use

Yappp’s Sweepstakes application is an excellent tool to collect “Likes”, increase your fan-base and build a marketing database. By offering attractive prizes and using appropriate communication support, the number of fans can be significantly increased.

  • Launch of new products and offers
  • Seasonal offerings
  • Events
  • Fashion, commerce
  • Culture, music, literature

… or any other area – find a good idea, offer attractive prizes and the success will come!

What do you need to start?

  • Header image (810*140 pixel)
  • Main page image (480*320 pixel)
  • A promotion/app icon on your Facebook page (111*74 pixel)
  • Contest Rules
  • Your privacy policy
  • Other settigs: timing plan, prizes, share texts etc.

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Helpdesk & support

The reliable and safe operation of our applications is guaranteed by advanced cloud computing solutions and operations. Our online helpdesk service 7/24 round the clock. Read our support material, watch our videos, do not hesitate to ask your questions.