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Facebook Photo Contest Application

Facebook users, visitors can upload their own photos, can vote, like and share with their friends, and can take part in the contest as well.
Yappp feature list:

  • Pictures can be moderated by the page admin.
  • Winner selection can happen by voting or by a jury, or by the combination of the two.
  • Displaying the vote-count can be enabled or disabled.
  • Pictures can be displayed in small, medium and large size.
  • The visitors can like, share or comment on the pictures.
  • You can set how many picture a visitor can vote.
  • You can set how many picture a player can upload.

Sign-up, follow the steps, and you can start your photo contest right away. Pay only as you use: a 30-day Facebook Photo Contest is only 89.69 EUR + VAT


The installation is free of charge. Using the preview function you can see your customized version.

Video demo

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What do you need to start?

  • a header picture (810*140 pixels)
  • a main page picture (480*320 pixel)
  • a promotion/application icon on your Facebook page(111*74 pixels)
  • contest rules
  • your privacy policy
  • other settings: timing plan, prizes, share texts etc.

Check out live campaigns on the World of Promotions page! Visit our online knowledgebase and helpdesk. Follow us on Facebook, check-out our example applications.

Fields of application

Yappp Photo contest application can be used in almost all segment

  • Travel, excursions
  • Publishing
  • Sport events
  • Toys, children
  • Animals, touring
  • Fashion, commerce
  • Art, painting, exhibitions
  • Education, research
  • Cars, motor vehicles trading
  • Music, literature

With a creative idea, you can build a photo contest /promotion virtually in any segment. The contest requires active cooperation from the contenders, both when signing up or voting. Come up with a good idea, select attractive prizes, and the success will come soon.

Helpdesk & support

The reliable and safe operation of our applications is guaranteed by advanced cloud computing solutions and operations. Our online helpdesk service 7/24 round the clock. Read our support material, watch our videos, do not hesitate to ask your questions.