Create greeting, introduction, information subpages on your Facebook page!

Sign up and follow the steps, upload the appropriate images, textual information, set the parameters of the app and the new Facebook subpages have already been created. Visitors first reach the landing page and then the main page. The main page content is visible only for those visitors who persed the Next button, so you can use it for hosting exclusive content. The entire surface of images (810*610 pixel) can be used to present your messages to your visitors and fans.

Yappp Fangate app is now for free! For example a 90-day or 180-day Facebook Fangate campaign is now 0 EUR.


The installation is free of charge. Using the preview function you can see your customized version.

How it operates?

When Fangate Facebook Application is installed, it is represented by a small tab image (111 * 74 pixels) on your Facebook page, below the cover image. Clicking on the tab image the landing page appears (810 * 610 pixel image), and after pressing Next button the main page (also a 810 * 610 pixel image) is coming. You can write text below both of the images. An URL can also be added to the main page image so you can redirect your visitors to your web page. The application is easily editable through the admin interface at any time.

Get more fans!

You can upload exclusive content to the main page, what can be seen only by those visitors who pressed the Next button. Both the landing and main pages can be shared with the share buttons located on both pages. You can edit the content of the share window in advance

Helpdesk & support

The reliable and safe operation of our applications is guaranteed by advanced cloud comuting solutions and operations. Our online helpdesk service 7/24 round the clock. Read our support material, watch our videos, do not hesitate to ask your questions. We will help!