Facebook Coupon Application with new functions

  • additional to desktop, coupon app can be seen on mobile and tablet devices as well
  • the coupon code also available as a barcode or QR code
  • optional Adwords offline conversion measurement function

Create value on your Facebook page!

  • The coupon can be printed or electronically redeemable
  • The application can be connected to your webshop
  • Each page of the application can be shared
  • Unique code or identical code per coupon can be set

You only have to pay for what you use – for 15 days (77.34 USD+VAT) for 30 days (114.69 USD+VAT).


The installation is free of charge. Using the preview function you can see your customized version.

Get the details!

Field of use

The application can be widely used, such as:

  • retail
  • event management
  • catering
  • travel and tourism
  • education
  • cars, trading
  • music, literature

What do you need to start?

  • a header image (810*140 pixels)
  • a main page image (480*320 pixel)
  • a promotion/application icon on your Facebook page(111*74 pixels)
  • coupon redemption policy
  • your privacy policy

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Helpdesk & support

The reliable and safe operation of our applications is guaranteed by advanced cloud comuting solutions and operations. Our online helpdesk service 7/24 round the clock. Read our support material, watch our videos, do not hesitate to ask your questions. We will help!